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We all have a story to tell and we all have circumstances arise that have the ability to stop us in our tracks. I believe it's not so much how we deal with our circumstance, but Who is Lord over them and what we do in spite of them.

I teach about the Power of Praise and share different aspects of my testimony from a deep well of personal experience and how God has the victory in every area of my life.

You may contact me via email - use the contact form to the right. Please leave your name, number and affiliation in your email. I will contact you and we can iron out the details.

This type of event is best held at night in a sanctuary or other comfortable surrounding
that is conducive to a quiet, intimate time with God in a dimly lit atmosphere. 
You may also want to provide refreshments before or after. 
(and will help support this ministry of music)

Email me using the form below or call (804) 368-7483 for more information.

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Many aspects of my personal life and spiritual journey have been woven into the music. Life can be brimming with joy and success, and can also bring great heartache and failure. In looking for God, I have always found Him right there beside me. My hope is that you will be encouraged to seek a deeper relationship with a loving God Who accepts you right where you are, and begin to look for Him in all your circumstances. God is good all the time, and all the time God is good!


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