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Did you ever wonder why someone wrote a song, or how did they come up with putting "those" words together? Well, I took the time to answer those questions right here for you!
Master Weaver

You are the master weaver        
You’re the anchor and the chain
You hold all the threads of life in Your hands
You knit us into being
Every detail You ordain
We are woven into You, Your master plan
Everything that You design
Reveals to us the nature of Your love
Oh let the tapestry of me
Be the menagerie of You
A collection of devotion for Your splendor
Every pattern glorifies You
And every life that You have changed
Shows Your resurrection power and Your glory.
You choose every single thread
Creating patterns on Your loom
Another masterpiece of love is underway
In Your image You have formed us
Inside our mother’s womb
You know all our flaws and love us just the same
Everything that You design
Reveals to us the nature of Your love
I praise You Lord
When I praise You I feel Your hand upon my heart
You alone are the author of my life
I lift my voice in praise to You
As every fiber magnifies You
Every pattern glorifies You
You have woven into me
All that I am meant to be
For Your purposes, Your plan and Your glory
I am fearfully, wonderfully made    … in You.  
Master Weaver
Words and music by Sandy Harless/Kim Taulbee
Inspired by Psalm 139:13-16

A menagerie is defined as a collection or varied mixture kept especially for exhibition, often times referring to wild animals. The French Methodical Encyclopedia defines a menagerie as an establishment of luxury and curiosity. I remember reading The Glass Menagerie in high school and I began to think about a collection of glass or crystal contained in a curio. When on display they are usually illuminated by a hidden source of light inside the cabinet that enables them to glisten and sparkle. Many facets are revealed as the light shines through each translucent creation and one reflects the light to another. What a beautiful display! However, when the light is shut off the little works of art arent quite as alluring. Its harder to distinguish what they were meant to be, and some seem to become dark and featureless or invisible.

What a picture of the human race. A curiously different lot, we are on display much like these glass sculptures. We are Gods masterpiece and there are many aspects of who we were created to be woven into who we are. (Psalm 139) Im sure that by giving us free will, God waits in excited anticipation to see what we will do with it. Will we choose to love Him with it? Will we serve him? Will we include Him at all in our lives as we explore the world He created and learn to manipulate our surroundings. Are we an establishment of luxury or curiosity? God so clearly indicates to us in His word that He created us as a luxury. The definition of luxury is an indulgence rather than a necessity that is excessively expensive. He certainly didnt need us to complete Himself, but instead created us out of His love. Since the beginning of our existence, we have proven to be excessively expensive, even costing God the sacrifice of His own son. And yet, He continues to pursue and desire a relationship with us, willing to leave the flock to go after the one who has used their free will to walk away from His friendship. (Luke 15)

Christ is to be the light that illuminates our soul by awakening the spirit born inside every human. We are each a complex collection of individuality, and when we allow Jesus to shine through us, our lives become unimaginably beautiful. The varied and wild facets in our design begin to appear as we willingly allow them to be held captive by a Loving Savior. We reflect His love to one another and our best is offered for His glory. We are His personal collection of devotion on display for His splendor.

Here I Am Again
Written by Sandy Harless

Verse 1Here I am again
With a stain on my hand I cannot clean
Most cannot see
Here I am again
With a gap in my soul I cannot fill
Makes me feel ill
Here I am again
With a broken heart I can’t repair
Makes me not care
But Jesus, I come
And You reach for my hand
Encourage me to stand
Wrap me in Your warm embrace
Filling every empty place
Yes, Jesus, I come
And I give you my heart
You won’t tear it apart
Like a shepherd down on bended knee
You heal the broken parts of me
Verse 2
Here I am again
Try’n to find a truth I cannot see
How do I believe
Here I am again
Find’n faith in You is so unfair
It’s like reaching for air
But here I am again
Look’n for a plan beyond myself
I think I need help
Chorus 2:
So Jesus, I come
And You reach for my hand
Raise me up again to stand
You wrap me in Your warm embrace
Filling every empty place
Jesus, I come
I wanna give you my heart
You won’t tear it apart
Like a shepherd down on bended knee
You heal the broken parts of me
Time and time again I come
I can’t forget the things I’ve done
You’ve seen it all, I can’t hide
Secrets that I hold inside
So if You’re the God… of second chances
Forward, sideways… Backward glances
Look upon this wayward child
I’ve been searching for a while
I’m holdin nothin back now
Chorus 3:
Jesus, Jesus, I come
And You reach for my hand
You tell me once again to stand
You wrap me in Your warm embrace
You fill up every empty place
O Jesus, Jesus, I come
I’m gonna give you my heart
Each and every part
You’re like a shepherd down on bended knee
Healing broken parts of me
O Jesus, I come
O Jesus, I come
I come
I used to lead worship for our teens and young adults. In looking out at their faces and seeing their expressions of worship or lack thereof, I began to reflect on my own journey with the Lord. How many times had I returned to God asking him to forgive my sins expecting a reprimand? How many times had I instead found grace and mercy? God is good all the time and no matter what we've done, or how many times we come to him with our new failures, He is there waiting with open arms. Jesus wants to heal us and set us upright. He longs for our hearts to connect with His so that He can be the answer to what we lack.

Build an Altar
Written by Sandy Harless

Lord I stand in this moment with You
And I know that You know
The lies from the truth
My life’s been changing
Since the day that You found me
But mercy evades me
Until You’re around me
I’m gonna build an altar
So I can remember
The times that You’ve
Come to me
Washed me clean
Made me feel new….
I’m gonna build an altar
To help me remember
The times that I  
Stumble and
Fall at Your
Feet again Jesus
I’m gonna build an altar
I’m gonna build an altar for You
Lord I stand in this moment with You
And I know that You know
What I’m going through
The flesh of my soul
Has repeatedly bound me
And I find no freedom
Until You’re around me
Why did they place on Your
Head such a crown
And why did Your blood have to
Spill on the ground
Why did You die for my
Sin to atone
When You could’ve left me to
Pay for my own   

I was asked to lead worship at a weekend retreat for young adults. The speaker's message was entitled: Altars of Remembrance. After reviewing his outline and looking over the songs I had prayerfully chosen, I realized I was missing that key song to accompany the retreat title. I completely identified with the message as he relayed how the Israelites would stop along their journey and build an altar to God. These altars were built in remembrance of how God met them in their time of need, performed miracles on their behalf, fulfilled the promises of His word, and answered their prayers. In my own life God has met me in countless ways. Some were obvious outward occurrences, but most were so deeply personal that they only make sense to me. In this place of introspection I remembered how I felt in my early twenties and how far I have come in my walk with God since then. So many altars could have been erected along the way. I felt led to write this missing worship song for the retreat. The words to this song are a reflection of my own journey. God can see past all the exterior junk to the truth of my soul, and yet He repeatedly reaches to pick me up and dust me off. This He does in His unending mercy knowing full well that I will stumble and fall at His feet time and time again. As I completed the song, I felt God tell me that I am building an altar with my music ministry. Each song that I write becomes a living stone in my altar. With the music written to glorify Jesus, His power comes to change lives and encourage the listeners. This is my prayer for my ministry and for the lives I might touch for the Kingdom. What could be a better title for my first CD?

Goodbye Lullaby
Written by Sandy Harless

Verse 1
Hush now, don’t cry,
You’re safe within my arms
I’ll cradle you in a lullaby
To the rhythm of our hearts
Be still oh sands of time,
Don’t let this moment pass away
As our hearts intertwine,
I’ll say good-bye to yesterdays
I’ll sing to you songs of love,
Caress your downy brow
And kiss each tiny finger as
I make this solemn vow
Chorus 1
I will always love you,
Past the sands of time
I’ll always hold you close,
To let you know that you are mine
No matter what tomorrow brings
No matter how the cold wind stings
I’ll be with you and you with me
And I will always love you
Verse 2
Hush now, don’t cry                              
You’ll be safe within His arms
I’ll hold you close as we say good-bye    
‘Til the moment we must part
Be still oh sands of time                        
Don’t let my angel fly away
Untie my heart slowly now
As I remember yesterdays
I’ll sing to you His songs of love
Caress your paling brow
Kiss you as my tears flow down    
Run to your Savior now
 Chorus 2
He has always loved you    
Beyond the sands of time
Life He breathed into you
Now gives you wings to fly
My soul grieves within this plan
Some things I just don’t understand
But God I’ll still reach for Your hand
And find my home beneath Your throne
And I will always love you

This song began as a lullaby one evening as I swayed in the dimly lit nursery holding our youngest while singing her to sleep. After writing the first verse and chorus, I just never seemed to be able to complete the lullaby. Life was a bit hectic with an infant, and my writing came and went as time allowed. A year passed before I opened this file again, and I finished writing the song. The words flowed and upon completion I was a little uneasy. Having never experienced the death of a child, I wasnt sure why this song would so easily take this course. A week later, friends from church would experience the loss of one of their sweet twin boys. I then knew the song was meant to minister to them, but could never bring myself to give it to them in written form. It just seemed too raw. Recording it took even longer. I couldnt sing it through even while alone without dissolving into tears.

Some time passed, and while the song will always evoke a deep emotional response, I felt it was time to get it recorded so I could give to them this gift that I consider to be only from God. I pray that it not only ministers to my friends, but also to countless parents who endure the immeasurable heartbreak of saying goodbye to their precious gift prematurely. I dont know this kind of grieving, but I can identify with finding comfort beneath the throne of God while walking through deep pain with unanswered questions. Keith and Joanna, this song is for you.

Wings of a Prayer
Written by Sandy Harless

You heard the news today
And can’t begin to think it through
The words stand in the way and you
Just have to find something to do
You run from place to place
Staying busy keeps you numb
When you reach the end of you
Sit down and talk to God’s Son
This is where hope is found
This is where love abounds
His peace will be ushered in
His healing can now begin
This is where He can start something new
In the heart of me, and in the life of you
On the wings of a prayer
You talked to an old friend
Caught up on the years that passed
Time has been unkind and they
Are looking for something that will last
You search for words of comfort
The perfect thing to say
When the very thing you can offer them
Is to hold their hands and pray
Voices fly to heaven
Whispering and Bold
Treasures from our hearts and minds
Secrets never told
A wish for you,        
a praise from me
Raised up to the     
God Almighty

We live in a tough world and it doesn't look like things are going to get any easier. God's word says, if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14 Situations and circumstance may seem to have the upper hand at times, but our hope and strength is found in the Lord. We are to look to him, talk to him, and listen for His response. We need to be a praying people.

Praise My Way to the Throne
Written by Sandy Harless

Verse 1 (Verse 2)
Life here on the earth can be hectic (2nd time tragic)
But You said to praise You, praise You on the earth
Or the rocks cry out, yeah
Life here in my flesh can be frantic (2nd time heart-sick)
But You said to praise You, praise You in all things
For there’s joy in Your glory
But, I wanna cry for the rocks my God
I wanna be counted as joy
I wanna shout from a mountain top
I just wanna bring You glory
So, I’m gonna praise my way to the Throne of Grace
‘Till Your face is all I see
I’m gonna dance on the earth to the song of Your heart
While You dance over me
I’m gonna soar by the wing on the breath of Your love
Forgiven, saved and free
Yes, I’m gonna praise my way to Your throne of Grace,
oh Lord….
Jesus, You’re all I need
I wanna be praisin, cause You are amazin
I wanna be praisin, cause You are amazin
Now here I am praisin, cause You have amazin faith in me

In spite of everything, I am going to praise God for Who He is and not for what I can see. I am going to be thankful for my salvation and forever seek His face and favor. We can Dance like King David on this earth and rise on wings like eagles when we fully trust in the Lord. The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing. Zephaniah 3:17 The Lord God delights in us. When this verse says he rejoices over us with song, that translates to He is dancing in delight over us with songs of love and joy. How can we not praise Him?

When Fear is King
Written by Sandy Harless

Step by lonely step I walk
I must start my descent
Searching through my memory
For lost sin to repent
My path is blurred from tear filled eyes
Stumbling tumbling down
Downward momentum multiplies
As I fall to the ground
As I fall to the ground
At first I laid there very still
Would salvation come
I had hoped to find Him there
My Lord, my saving One
The path ahead looked dark and unsure
Bathed in shadows and light
Where O Lord does my help come from
When fear is king for a night
When fear is king for a night
Circumstances blind me now
I walk, I run and I flee
Faith and Hope are there to be found
Death (guilt) is hunting me
In my own strength become tired and worn
A whisper in my ear
My Lord, my God has come to say
I have always been here
I have always been here
It is inevitable that at some point in your journey, God will seem to be so far away. It may appear as though you are descending into a valley of darkness at times where happenstance or emotions seem to spiral out of control. Fear can become prominant and you find yourself reacting rather than responding. In Psalm 23, God's word reminds us that He is always near.

Psalm 23
King James Version (KJV)
The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.
He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.

Spirit of Fear
Written by Kim Taulbee

God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear
For He has given us a spirit of love
So when you find your world is shaken by things down here
Just set your mind on the Father above
Think on things that are good
Things that are pure
Of the Father’s love that will always endure
He’s promised to save us
So hold on to Jesus
And give Him everything that you’re goin through
God’s word says:
“Do not be anxious about anything
But, in everything, by prayer and petition,
With thanksgiving present your requests to God
And the peace of God which transcends all understanding
Will guard your hearts, and your minds in Christ Jesus.”
He knows you
He loves you
He gave Himself for you
Our God holds the future
So trust in Him and no one else

Solid Rock
Written by Sandy Harless as a testimony song
Chorus1: (hymn by Edward Mote, 1797-1874 )
My hope is built on nothing less
Than Jesus’ blood and righteousness
I dare not trust the sweetest frame
But wholly lean on Jesus’ name
On Christ the Solid Rock I stand
All other ground is sinking sand
On Christ the Solid Rock I stand
All other ground is sinking sand
Verse 1                                               
Well I once was walkin on my own
My choices broke me - and beat me down
I’d take a step forward and then I’d hear
“Hey you, take a good look around.
 You better look out for number One,
Cause No. One has forgot about you.”
Well I won’t live like that no more
Because I’m standing on The Rock!
And claiming truth!
When darkness veils His lovely face
I rest on His unchanging grace
In every high and stormy gale
My anchor holds within the veil
On Christ the Solid Rock I stand
All other ground is sinking sand
On Christ the Solid Rock I stand
All other ground is sinking sand
Verse 2
Now I’ve got a Savior who’s big and strong
He’s gonna help me - to carry my load
The predator has become the prey,
And Satan, it’s the end of the road
Jesus is the way to number one
God the Father – He’s not number two
The end is near, He claims victory
Devil, you’d better watch out!
He’s comin for you!
And now I’m  
Takin off my shackles            
Throwin down my chains     
I’m Gonna      
Lift my hands to Jesus
Praise his holy name
This yoke is way too heavy
And I’m here to turn it in
I want the yoke of Jesus
I want to follow Him
This yoke is way too heavy
And I’m here to turn it in
I want the yoke of Jesus
I will on-ly follow Him
Oh When I….
When I hear the trumpet
May I be found in Him
Robed in righteous garment
‘Cause Jesus took away my sin
The Lord of Heaven and earth, on yeah
He’s coming with a trumpet call
On Christ!....the solid rock I stand
Jesus came to save us all

Hold on to the Mountain
Written by Sandy Harless
Megan’s Song
Don’t let the world unfold you, scold you
Don’t let them tear you down, to the ground
They’ll tell you you’re not able, not stable
Make your smile fall to a frown, flip you upside down
Don’t let anyone decided for you the course of your life
Stealin away all your hopes and your dreams one day at a time
Ya gotta hold on to the Mountain
Ya gotta hold on to the One who loves you
Come on and step in to the fountain
Drink deep and let Him wash over you              
Don’t let the world berate you, and hate you
Don’t let ‘em make you lose your way, just stay
They’ll tell you you’re not worthy, worthless
But He thinks you’re beautiful just the way you are
It doesn’t really matter where you’ve been
or what you have done
He’s been right there and seen it all, a life on the run
Jesus is here with open arms, to welcome you in
Run to Him, it’s the only way to run from your sin
To Chorus1
Chorus 2:
You’ve got to hold on, hold on to the Mountain
You gotta hold on to the One
Come on you gotta hold on to the Son,
You’ve got to hold on to God’s Son

One night in a dream I wrote and performed a song with my friend Kim for my daughter Megan. I woke up, grabbed a cup of coffee, and ran to my computer to jot down the songs lyrics and began working out the chords for the melody with my guitar. In an hour or less I had the whole song written, chorded and ready to sing. Song writing is something I do, but never that fast. My friend Kim is now my producer (along with doing everything else) and we have just completed Megans song in time for her 24th birthday, June 9th. I cannot share with the world the hills and valleys we have experienced together, but I can tell you that life has not been an easy journey for Megan thus far. As a mom, my faith has been tested and challenged in all sorts of ways. My mothers heart is counting on Gods promises for an awesome testimony in her future. If you are reading this, I would really appreciate it if you would lift my sweet daughter in prayer. This song is for you Megan.

Great Redeemer
Written by Kim Taulbee
Almighty God is He, maker of Heaven and earth
His Spirit lives in me, He’s given me a 2nd birth
He has wiped away my past, and washed away my sin
He put my feet on solid ground that I might stand with Him
The Great Redeemer knows my name
He has delivered me from shame
He strengthens me from day to day
The Great Redeemer knows my name
The Great Redeemer, He watches over me
He watches over the nations from sea to shining sea
He’s watchin’ over the whole wide world
You know He’s got it in His hands
He set the sun and the moon and the stars in place
And they move at His command
The Great Redeemer, knows my name
The Great Redeemer is a shelter from the storm
He’s a strong and mighty tower where my help comes from
When the accuser comes at me with discouragement and shame
I say, “My name is written in the book, the Redeemer knows my name!”